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Recommended .NET-Focused Blogs

A blog (sometimes referred to as a weblog) is a personal Web site that is frequently updated. Most blogs are rather personal in nature, with their founders using them as a sort of "online diary." They'll talk about their day, what they're plans are for the weekend, their relationships, their views on world events and politics, and so on. More interestingly, there are a number of blogs that are highly focused on a paritcular subject: law, politics, a specific computer technology, or a particular profession. In fact, there are numerous blogs out there that are highly focused in discussing .NET.

Below are links to pages that list superior blogs for a given technology. These hand-picked blogs have a good "interesting posts" to "personal posts" ratio. With these blogs you're much more likely to find interesting information about .NET rather than the blogger's review of the latest Holywood flick.

If you have any blogs you'd like to recommend for inclusion in any of these categories, let me know!

One of the neat things about blogs is that they typically provide an RSS syndication feed. RSS is a standard that spells out a format for syndicated content in an XML format. (For the specifics of the format, see the RSS 2.0 specification.) There are a number of programs, called aggregators that are designed specifically to organize syndicated content. Some free aggregators build using the .NET Framework include SharpReader and RssBandit. You can also easily build your own aggregator, as I described in this article: Creating an Online RSS News Aggregator with ASP.NET. Too, there are articles here on 4Guys that describe creating and consuming RSS feeds:

This latter article, though, is no longer pertinent, as I've created a custom ASP.NET server control to display an RSS syndication feed in an ASP.NET Web page. This control, named RssFeed, is used in the "recommended blogs" pages, and is demonstrated below, showing the RSS feed from my blog, ScottOnWriting.NET. For more information on this custom control, check out A Custom ASP.NET Server Control for Displaying RSS Feeds.

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